Free Online Dive Education

Staying at home due to COVID-19? Spend your time useful and learn more about SCUBA diving, marine biology and marine life species from home. We have listed awesome courses, videos and training materials for you to download. From hilarious marine life videos to very serious ecology classes - Pick your favourite. Stay home, stay safe!

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PADI IDC STUDY MATERIALS - Become a Dive Instructor

Free Study Materials For Your PADI IDC

Prepare for your PADI dive instructor course by watching these theory exam videos, part of the PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC). The videos include: PADI IDC Physics, PADI IDC Physiology, Dive Equiment, PADI IDC Skills & Environment and the RDP (Recreational Dive Planner). You can also download the PDF files with all the information and do not forget to try the exam!
Created by PADI Course Director Kai Steinbeck who teaches PADI IDC courses in Australia and Indonesia.

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Choosing Pro Courses - Become a Dive Instructor

Choosing Pro Courses

We all love diving and enjoying the underwater world and quite often find ourselves day dreaming at our desks or talking animatedly to friends and family about the things we have seen, the experiences that we have had and generally trying to share the love and enjoyment with people that we care about. For some however, this love and enjoyment becomes a desire to share our knowledge with others and the most obvious way to do this is by becoming a Dive Professional. Tips for choosing Pro Courses by PADI Course Director Bethan Comley.

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Zero-to-Hero in SCUBA diving

Zero-to-Hero in SCUBA diving - Pros & Cons

From a non-diver doing your first try-dive to becoming a SCUBA dive professional, all is possible within a year. There are advantages and disadvantages regarding doing all your dive courses up to divemaster or even dive instructor in one-go. These are a few of the most-heard pros and cons divemaster trainees encounter.

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5 Exciting Jobs as a Dive Instructor

5 Exciting Jobs as a Dive Instructor!

Are you still thinking about taking the leap to become a dive instructor? Or maybe you are a dive instructor and ask yourself something like 'What do I do after my career in the water?'

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