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PADI was founded in the USA in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Eriksson and has issued over 27 million diving certifications around the world since 1967. One million certifications are issued by PADI every year, there are over 137,000 professional members around the world and more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts globally. PADI operates in 186 countries and territories. (Source: PADI)

As PADI is the largest educator in the diving business, their brand name has become so powerful that it is often used as a certification itself: "Get your PADI". Leisure and tourism is a major focus for PADI, a large group of PADI divers dives only in 'tropical' waters during their holiday. This is one of the reasons they offer snorkeling education as well nowadays. Technical diving and free diving are growing areas within the PADI organization.

With a strong brand name and dive centers all around the world it is no surprise your PADI certification is often worth a lot more than a certification from another organization. It is simply what most people look for and/or can relate to when it comes to getting certified for SCUBA diving. Basically you can show up anywhere around the world with your PADI certification and dive centers recognize your education level in SCUBA diving. So when you think of working as a divemaster or dive instructor, selecting the most wide-spread and recognized dive organization might be the best idea. Of course, if you look at job boards for dive professionals, most of the jobs are for PADI professionals as well.

One of the reasons PADI is the leading dive educator around the world is that they are doing great with their sales and marketing. When you become a dive master of a dive instructor with PADI, sales and marketing are a substantial part of your education, love it or hate it.

Joining the market-leader in SCUBA dive education comes with a price. Becoming a PADI pro and staying in teaching status (annual fees) is more expensive than with many other dive organizations, but it might just be the best option to travel and work abroad as a divemaster or dive instructor and/or have a more steady income.

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