SCUBA Diving Center

Name SCUBA Diving Center:
Reef Divers
Website SCUBA Diving Center: (Please mention Dive O'Clock)
South Africa
Green Fins Member:
Not available in this country
Marine Conservation Efforts:

Teaching and Diving Conditions

Confined water dives (confined open water or swimming pool):
on site heated and enclosed deep pool.
Open water dive conditions:
Course done in fresh water lake - 40 minutes from Pretoria - options include dives in Mozambique, Sodwana bay or Aliwal shoal
Classroom details:
Fully functional 5 star CDC centre - the oldest PADI divecentre in South Africa. Teaching diving since 1989.
Things to see on fun dives:
Our local Quarry is a safe and easily accessible training venue - offering clear water, both shallow and deep where divers can practice skills and that doesn't cost a fortune!
House Reef:

Additional SCUBA Diving Courses at this Dive Center

Technical diving courses:
Tek training from Tek 40 OC to Tek CCR 100
Freediving courses:
Basic Freed diver courses on Offer.
Business related courses:
Marine conservation courses and projects:
We offer a 4 month Career Development Program that teaches the bussiness of diving - focusing on marketing, pricing workshops etc.
Other courses:
We offer ALL PADI sanctioned coursee fro OW diver to Instructor and basic Technical diver to trimix diver as well as Closed circuit rebreather trimix.

Local Prices

(Indication of your other expenses)
How to get to the SCUBA diving center from the airport:
Train and pickup from station
Transportation costs of description above:
190 ZAR (USD 11.20)
Low budget accommodation (could be a dormitory):
230 ZAR (USD 13.56)
Low budget meal in a bar/restaurant:
100 ZAR (USD 5.89)
Beer in a bar:
35 ZAR (USD 2.06)

SCUBA Diving Instructor / Your Teacher

Peter Herbst
Peter Herbst
Languages spoken:
Afrikaans, English
Highest certification level:
Course Director / Instructor Trainer
Certification level mentioned above since:
Number of courses per year:
Additional information:
Technical Instructor trainer, Rebreather Instructor trainer, Owner and manager, 25 years PADI member.
Website: (Please mention Dive O'Clock)

Dive Professional Course Package

SCUBA Diving package:
PADI Divemaster Course
Website: (Please mention Dive O'Clock)
SCUBA Diving professional course level:
SCUBA Diving organization / SCUBA certification agency:

Duration of the SCUBA Diving Course

Group Size of Dive Professional Course

Minimum/maximum number of students per dive course:
Average number of students per dive course:
Average number of certified assistants (divemaster / staff instructor ) helping:

Team of Dive Professionals

How much is done by the dive instructor himself:
Dive instructor joining the students at the exams for support.:
Additional languages by team of dive professionals:

Dive Course Price offer

Package price:
What is included in this dive pro package:
Other things that are included in this package:

Starting Dates

PADI Divemaster Course - Pretoria - South Africa

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