SCUBA Diving Center

Name SCUBA Diving Center:
Diving Puglia D.C.
Website SCUBA Diving Center: (Please mention Dive O'Clock)
Green Fins Member:
Not available in this country
Marine Conservation Efforts:

Teaching and Diving Conditions

Confined water dives (confined open water or swimming pool):
Private pool with water 3 m + site confined with open water (depth from 1 to 12 meters) near the diving center
Open water dive conditions:
Visibility ranging from 1 - 15 / Water Temp from 8 to 28C depending on season / Diving from land and boat
Classroom details:
Full equipped classroom
Things to see on fun dives:
Mediterranean marine life - macro - wrecks -deriva-walls -cave
House Reef:

Additional SCUBA Diving Courses at this Dive Center

Technical diving courses:
The technical dives allow you to reach depths greater than the recreational ones, and represented the "extreme" side of diving.
Freediving courses:
Business related courses:
Compressor management and mixing control units and basic maintenance - equipment maintenance - underwater marketing
Marine conservation courses and projects:
Various marine conservation courses and projects.
Completing your PADI Puglia Internship course has some great advantages for your career as a PADI Divemaster or Instructor. you can use your Puglia Internship course as a springboard to a great career through network of dive centres and contacts throughout Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
Other courses:
MSDT Preparation - Specialty Instructor Training Range of PADI Specialty Instructor Courses available.

Local Prices

(Indication of your other expenses)
How to get to the SCUBA diving center from the airport:
Diving shuttle service
Transportation costs of description above:
10 EUR (USD 10.43)
Low budget accommodation (could be a dormitory):
35 EUR (USD 36.49)
Low budget meal in a bar/restaurant:
20 EUR (USD 20.85)
Beer in a bar:
1.5 EUR (USD 1.56)

SCUBA Diving Instructor / Your Teacher

Pio Vincenzo De Mitri Morano
Pio Vincenzo De Mitri Morano
Languages spoken:
English, Italian
Highest certification level:
Master Instructor
Certification level mentioned above since:
Number of courses per year:
Additional information:
I am the owner of Diving Puglia D.C. therefore I have a further interest in ensuring that your training is the best possible to maintain our reputation for quality training. I am IDC-S PADI, Tec Deep Instructor, Gas Blender Instructor and practical FullCave Diving explorations in the Italian Speleolofica Society
Website: (Please mention Dive O'Clock)

Dive Professional Course Package

SCUBA Diving package:
Open Water Scuba Instructor BASIC
Website: (Please mention Dive O'Clock)
SCUBA Diving professional course level:
SCUBA Diving organization / SCUBA certification agency:

Duration of the SCUBA Diving Course

Number of course days
Number of examination days

Group Size of Dive Professional Course

Minimum/maximum number of students per dive course:
1 - 8
Average number of students per dive course:
Average number of certified assistants (divemaster / staff instructor ) helping:

Team of Dive Professionals

How much is done by the dive instructor himself:
We work as a team and there will be several people involved in the teaching / less than half by the same dive professional
Dive instructor joining the students at the exams for support.:
Additional languages by team of dive professionals:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Dive Course Price offer

Package price:
1295 EUR (USD 1350.04)
What is included in this dive pro package:
  • First aid instructor course
  • First aid instructor course materials
  • Instructor course
  • Instructor course materials
Other things that are included in this package:
This price includes EFR Instructor Course and the IDC Crewpack. Free PADI O2 instructor speciality Free marine resource instructor speciality

Starting Dates

Every month until 25 September 2027
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor BASIC - Monopoli - Italy

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